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Online Dating in Today’s World

Most girls have always thought of college as the height of sexual opportunity. It would be an understatement to say that hooking up is the rule rather than the exception. A heady, and occasionally irresistible, concoction for casual sex includes semi-private dorm rooms, parent-free living, having plenty of time to oneself, wild parties, and drinking, as well as a large population of hormonal college boys. Making out was already common in high school; expanding on it in college would seem only natural. When peer pressure from other girlfriends to compare notes about boys is added, hooking up might as well be covered in the course material. 

Austin hookups

Dating Tips for Men: Dos, Don’ts, and No Ways!

Most college boys will agree that hooking up is a fun, carefree, and unpretentious way to have sex, but what about the girls? If the intention of a hookup is to have casual sex without making a commitment afterwards, would more college girls be interested in doing so?

Some would contend that binge drinking and partying significantly affect romantic relationships in college. In fact, a lot of college parties are organized specifically to encourage attendees to hook up. Others, however, beg to differ and contend that alcohol is not required for flirting, making out, and ultimately having sex with someone you’ve just met. For the majority, motivation should come from intention and hormones.

Ways of Insuring Online Dating Success

Recent studies have revealed that while more college boys prefer casual hooking up, more college girls prefer long-term traditional dating (where specific patterns are to be followed). But some girls have begun expressing a preference for hooking up with no strings attached in a time when independence is valued more than commitment. Maybe hooking up is a good way to have fun and feel confident with one’s body and sexual abilities if the set-up is agreeable to both parties (male and female) .

Austin hookups

Perhaps this is the point where college girls should start asking themselves hard-hitting questions about the kind of fun they’re willing to have, especially since it involves their bodies. Questions like: Does hooking up make me feel positive about myself? Am I aware of the rules of hooking up and am I willing to follow them? Am I secure enough about myself to not seek a long-term relationship with the person I just had casual sex with? Do I engage in this behavior because all of my friends do? Do I give my reputation any thought? are to be answered as honestly as possible in order to prevent unneeded harm.